New Field Testing Program to Begin in May 2014

We have been very fortunate to complete 72 field tests over the past 15 years with our Leone Bio-fungicide. Next month, we are pursuing 4 new field trials with Corn, Cotton, Soybeans and Peanuts. These are all important agricultural crops for the state of Virginia as well as many agricultural producing regions around the world.

The field tests will be taking place at the Virginia Tech Agricultural Research Station in Suffolk, Virginia and, are conducted by Dr. Hillary Mehl. We are thrilled to be working with Hillary as she has previous bio-pesticide development experience and is a graduate of University of California-Davis (the hotbed of bio-pesticide research).

Hillary will be looking at the opportunity for Leone to reduce nematode infestation.We will also be looking for an overall improvement in crop yield by reducing soil fungi that negatively affect seed germination and plant growth.

With the world’s food requirements increasing drastically over the next 30 years, any improvement in crop yields via natural products friendly to the environment will be sorely needed. We hope to offer one such solution!

Results are expected this fall with toxicology studies to commence this fall. Stay tuned!

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