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Edward Goyette, CEO and/or Larissa Smith, CSO will be attending the following events in 2015. Please give us a call to learn more about our progress!

Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase 2015, Raleigh, NC May, 19,2015

Informa Life Science Crops & Chemicals USA, Raleigh,NC July 22-23,2015

Ag Innovation Showcase, St. Louis, MO, September 14-16,2015

BPIA Fall Semi-Annual Meeting and Registration Workshop. Washington,DC: September 16th-18th      BPIA meeting details

We hope to see you at these top- notch events!

EPA Registration

In the past few weeks, we engaged the US Environmental Protection Agency in order to determine a path for  registration for our product as a biochemical pesticide. The meeting went well and we have been presented with a reasonably cost effective path to registration. Bio-pesticides enjoy a more simplified and cost effective registration procedure than conventional pesticides because of their natural product nature in the environment. If a chemical compound has been existing in nature for thousands of years and, has not caused any particular problems in the environment, it probably will not cause problems in the future. There is still a substantial amount of toxicology, safety and stability data required of any product used even in soil applications and greenhouses. Such testings includes honeybees, ladybugs and other animals possibly exposed to the compounds.

As an example, Bacillus thuringensis was first approved for use as a bio-pesticide in the early 1900’s and is still in use today. We hope to be able to offer the same level of effectiveness and safety as this and other bio-pesticides on the market today.