Progress is measured in inches, not miles!

We are continuing to improve yield and functionality of our lead compounds. With the intent on learning more about the bio-pesticide marketplace, we will again we attending the Informa Bio-pesticide forum in Raleigh in July and the Ag Showcase in September this year. We continue to look for partners for development of these exciting compounds for either therapeutic or bio-pesticide applications.

Our burkholdine compounds are being tested for activity against a variety of Cryptococcus  species responsible for the death of 60,000 people worldwide per year. At the other end of the spectrum, we are working with the USDA to test our compounds to fight the fungus attacking ‘Ōhi’a trees in Hawaii. Over 34,000 acres of the total 865,000 acres of these indigeneous trees are affected.


Scientists say five years ago, this was a lush, green native forest. But a deadly fungus is killing thousands of 'ōhi'a trees. This is the Big Island, where researchers believe the disease first took hold.

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